We just wanted to have a voice. We can't sit in the House gallery. We don't get the microphone. Zooey Zephyr is getting all the attention. We the women of Montana wanted to be heard for a change.

That's how Jill, the spouse of a lawmaker from the Mission Valley of Montana, described to me why she and several other women decided to stand up and take a seat in the benches near the snack bar and coffee shop inside the Montana Capitol.

It's the same benches where the transgender lawmaker from Missoula has been posted up. Refusing to use an office that has been provided to work from, Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula)- who was barred from the House floor following last week's mob antics- instead has been seeking attention while working from one of the very few benches that people are able to sit on in the capitol.

Several women decided they had enough of Zephyr's antics, so they decided to take a seat. And for these Montana women speaking up, standing up...err-sitting down...they were attacked. To make it even more disgusting, the radical trans activists who are trying to strip away women's rights and opportunities for girls in sports now claim to be the civil rights heroes by telling these women to move to the back of the bus. Look at this liberal blog that props up a bunch of dudes who later hogged the seats so the ladies couldn't sit there.

It's pretty crazy when you think about it. The trans movement in Montana is basically led by white men who identify as women, and are working to strip away women's rights. How ironic is it then that real Montana women were sitting on a bench in the Montana capitol, and they're the ones that get attacked by the media and the Twitter mob?


By the way, here's the audio of our phone call from Jill and others in the 9A hour podcast below. And, if you really wanna have some fun...check out the 8A hour and the Elvis cover songs (especially Gutfeld's "Return to Gender").

Also, check out Darin Gaub's must-read Substack article detailing how everything went down.

Here's the tweet I sent out Tuesday morning when I saw all the hate that was being sent their direction.

Notice how the Associated Press glorifies the transgender lawmaker who broke the rules and cheered on the mob that disrupted the Legislature...but where's the video giving the women of Montana a microphone?


In other news...if you could read my mind, love...it's definitely getting weird at the Montana Capitol.


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