“Not sure that words can express my gratitude for what you have given to our awesome women warriors who have given so much!”

That was the sentiment expressed in a thank-you message from Montana Wounded Warriors Coordinator Marco Wood. He helped organize what must have been an incredibly rewarding outing for four women who got to realize the dream of a Montana elk hunt during a shoulder season last week.


These four Wounded Warriors were invited to the Catlin Ranch in White Sulphur Springs on February 13th and 14th. The hunt was hosted by Ben Galt, who owns the ranch, and was assisted by outfitters Terry Taylor, Lon Hanson and two guides. All of them volunteered their time and were eager to help. And Ben also made sure that the women were treated to breakfast and dinner at local diners in White Sulphur Springs.

All four women, Colleen Hudspeth, Ashley Granot, Christine Baker, and Tina Waggener, are Army and live in Montana. Wounded Warrior Coordinator Wood is Navy.

Image courtesy of montanaoutdoor.com
Image courtesy of montanaoutdoor.com


All Montana hunters know that harvesting an elk can be a challenge during any season. By mid-February, winter has really tightened its grip. While the first day of the two-day hunt was relatively mild, much walking was done, many elk were seen, but none were taken.

The second day brought much colder temperatures, wind and snow. The guess here is that it didn't phase four wounded military veterans too much. It also brought success, no doubt proudly shared by all four hunters, as Tina Waggener brought down her first elk!

Image courtesy of montanaoutdoor.com
Image courtesy of montanaoutdoor.com

Another hunter who shared in the experience was Mark Ward, the 'Captain' of the long-running Montana Outdoor Radio Show, now in its 25th year of broadcast. The Captain  modestly insists that he played only a minor role in the success of the adventure, but was kind enough to relate the experience to us.

Wounded Warrior Project is an American charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military.

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