The final hurdles have been cleared and another round of stimulus checks will soon be on the way after President Biden put his John Hancock on the Covid relief bill yesterday. Of course there's some caps on earnings, but qualifying individuals will see $1400 - as well as $1400 per dependent. You can get a rundown of payment details from this KPAX article. But the part that got my attention was that we might see deposits show up as early as this weekend. have to love that!

If your bank info is on file with the IRS - you'll be one of the first to see funds show up in your account. If not, checks or prepaid debit cards will be sent through the mail. The government has been going back and forth for awhile trying to get the latest round of stimulus payments approved. Now that you might have some money coming your way, do you already know what you're going to do with it?

If you're not dumping it all into bills - here's a few ways to spend your money, have a little fun, and put some money into the local Missoula economy:

I suppose there's always the option to be wise and save the money for a rainy day but where's the fun in that? Keep an eye out for your money - you might see it as early as this weekend.

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