We wanna buy Montana beef, but the question is- how? Once the pandemic broke out in the Spring of 2020, it was tough to find fresh beef on the shelves of some grocery stores across the country. The price of beef was skyrocketing at the storefront, so why weren't the cattle producers back here on the ground getting the price they deserved for their beef?

We talked about all that and more with Lanie White from The Great Alone Cattle Company in Two Dot, Montana. They're hosting an upcoming meat seminar in Billings, Montana on March 19th at The Northern Hotel.

Speakers include rodeo announcer and broadcaster Will Rasmussen, Montana Department of Livestock Director Mike Honeycutt, Dr. Gary Brester from Montana State University, livestock brokers, and more.

Here's more details from the Great Alone website:

Beef – “Local”ly Educated!

Date: Friday March 19, 2021

Location: Northern Hotel – Billings, Montana


There is also an option to attend the seminar via Zoom.  Lanie White, the owner of the Great Alone Cattle Company said she wanted to host a meat seminar from a different angle:

I have collected leaders in various facets of our food sphere; from Stateman to PhD...these are seasoned industry voices with decades of experience and research. These are people whom I respect and am eager for this opportunity to share their knowledge and insights with you.

Check out our full conversation with Lanie White on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" featured below:

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