We talked with Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) about several headlines in the news recently- a human trafficking conviction in Billings, an investigation launched into the Chinese-owned social media company Tik Tok, the drug epidemic in Montana, and more. We also took phone calls from all across the state.

The bigger picture is this: Attorney General Austin Knudsen is fighting the important fights for Montanans on both the state and federal level. While President Joe Biden's "too little too late" sanctions on Russia don't appear to be harming nor stopping Putin, it is clear that Biden's energy policies amount to sanctions that ARE harming the American people.

From the Keystone pipeline to oil and gas leasing moratoriums, AG Knudsen has had to wage a legal battle in order to get these sanctions lifted off of the backs of the American people. He's also stood up to federal mandates targeting private contractors and hard-working healthcare workers.

Simultaneously, the AG has had to wage legal battles in order to protect Montanans rights in state courts as well. This, after Montana Democrats and their front groups have sought to use their buddies in the court system to undermine the laws placed on the books by the democratically elected lawmakers in the Montana State Legislature.

Here's part of our conversation with Attorney General Austin Knudsen:

And what about the huge turnout for the Republican Lincoln Reagan dinners in Havre and Circle? When's the last time Circle, Montana even had a Lincoln Reagan dinner? Catch the full interview with AG Knudsen on the "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint" podcast at MontanaTalks.com

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