I was scanning through the latest print edition of the Big Sky Business Journal, and I came across this report about the top fast food restaurants in Montana. I like all three that made the top of the list- but I still can't believe that Taco Johns wasn't in the top three.

I've been trying to find a press release with more info on the survey, but according to the Big Sky Business Journal a company called Pricelisto named the top three fast food restaurants in Montana. Which fast food restaurant made the top of the list in Montana? Dairy Queen. The other two that made the top three: McDonald's and Five Guys.

All three are great, in my opinion, but I assumed that Taco John's would have easily made a top three list- especially considering the small-town, hometown influence and strength of Taco John's here in Montana. I'm probably biased here, though, because I loved using my newspaper money as a kid to buy some nacho cheese potato ole's. And who doesn't love picking up a 6 pack and a pound for the kids instead of making dinner when you still need to buy groceries?

One of the things that makes McDonalds great too is the local ownership of several of the franchises here in Montana communities like Butte and Anaconda.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant in Montana? I checked with some of our radio business friends after I saw the survey.

Nikki Vega: "My go-to is Taco Johns. But if I'm feeling sinful, McDonalds lol"

Michael Foth: "I'm a Wendys guy"

Josh Rath: "Jersey Mikes is S Tier."

Trent Flager: Trent says he likes Wendy's because of the great tasting beef.

I would add one more note: Watch out as more Chick-fil-A locations open up across the state. I imagine they will quickly rise up the list.

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