Montana State University is not only going to space but they are also helping out people travel around Montana with ease.

Montana State University has announced they have developed a money saving concrete that will be used this summer to help fix bridges near Wisdom, Montana. This new concrete extremely strong and durable and if a success could be applied to future projects in Montana.

This project was a team effort between Montana State University and the Department of Transportation and been getting developed over the past five years. This concrete not only uses less water for their mixture but is apparently five times stronger than regular concrete.

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The one thing Montana always has going on is construction all year long. Whether it's dealing with roads, bridges or other infrastructure the Department of Transportation and other companies in Montana would absolutely love a new concrete that not only saves them money but also is stronger that will last longer. Montana has a lot of bridges that need upkeep or completely redone and this could be a huge game changer.

Montana State University has been getting more recognition from many of their incredible programs from sending a probe to the Moon and many agriculture feats but this concrete could be an instant help in Montana which is fantastic.

By starting off with a smaller project with these bridges near Wisdom, Montana we could see these being used to build new bridges or fix bridges all over the state within the next few years.

For more details, check out Montana State University.

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