Remember when the drag queen story hour event was going on at ZooMontana in Billings?

I remember getting a phone call from a listener in Bozeman. He said that he is a straight male. He's attended drag shows at a bar in Bozeman. He finds it entertaining. But, he says, it is certainly not a place for kids. "Why do they want to target kids with drag shows?" he asked.

It's a good question. Why are they are so insistent that they be allowed to target kids with these events? And on school property? To be clear, noone is trying to outlaw or ban drag shows. Montana lawmakers are; however, working to protect kids from highly sexualized content.

Rep. Braxton Mitchell (R-Columbia Falls) spoke before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning. He tells me that his bill, HB 359, "is necessary to protect Montana children from hyper sexualized events in taxpayer funded facilities."

Check out his closing remarks during the hearing Tuesday as he lays the smackdown on legislative Democrats and the radical activists promoting drag queen events targeting kids:

Rep. Mitchell: There's a clear reason why one party here as a supermajority, and one party has a superminority. Again everyone in this body knows that we don't allow kids to strip clubs, night clubs and other sexual oriented businesses and events. State for the record that this is not an attack on drag. This bill is to protect children from hyper sexualized events that are meant for adults, not children.


Rep. Mitchell also took a shot at legislative Democrats and the special interest groups piling into the capitol:

Rep. Mitchell: If we got every person in the state who is working right now, and actually has a job unlike most of these folks here, it seems like then I'm sure we'd see a pretty different ratio. There was also mention by the opposition that this bill was being brought by a carpetbagger. Well, I was born and raised in this state, and I'm pretty sure most of the members of this committee are born in the state as well. A lot of these opponents are not. Myself, as well as the vast majority the folks in  Montana who are level-headed ask for yes vote to protect Montana children. I don't think anyone wants to go back home and say they voted to allow drag queens in schools.


Here's the video of his closing remarks:

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