I always have to laugh a little bit when someone says they are a registered Republican, or a registered Democrat in Montana. Why do I laugh? Because we don't register to vote based on party affiliation in Montana. You can vote in the Democrat, Republican, Green Party, or Libertarian Party primary elections.

Will Democrats crossover and vote on the Republican primary election ballot in Montana this year? That's what Montana Public Radio's Sally Mauk said she is hearing:

Mauk: Rob, Montanans have received three ballots in mail, one each for the Democrat, Republican, Green Party. And we have an open primary so you can choose which ballot you're going to fill out. Lately, I've heard from some die hard Democrats that in the primary they're going to vote the Republican ballot because they want to vote for Tim Fox. And their reasoning is that they don't want Greg Gianforte to be the Republican nominee, much less governor. Have you been hearing similar rumblings from some Democrats?

University of Montana political science Professor Rob Saldin said he is hearing the same thing from Democrats.

This wouldn't be the first election in Montana where Democrats are considering voting in the Republican primary election. Back in 2014 when Mike Dennison was still reporting for Lee Newspapers, he reported how the Democrat-aligned MEA-MFT teachers union was encouraging their members to vote in the Republican primary election "if you can." I had reported similar information on the radio the week prior back in 2014.

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