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Before the 2020 election in Montana, I told you how the union that is supposed to be representing teachers spent nearly $1 million campaigning against your 2nd Amendment rights. If you haven't heard in the midst of the other news- they lost.

It wasn't just the union that lost. Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's radical anti-gun "Everytown" group also spent a lot of money, and lost. Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon we now have some of the numbers:

The referendum is identical to legislation that Gov. Steve Bullock (D.) vetoed in 2019.

Everytown for Gun Safety and other gun-control groups spent more than $1.4 million trying to defeat the measure—27 times more than the NRA spent to support it.

The gun-rights measure they are referring to is LR 130 which was on the ballot in Montana, and passed.

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