"Not on my watch." That was the response from Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) when it comes to the CDC attempting to force the COVID shot on kids during annual school vaccinations.

Here's what the governor had to say via Facebook:

Gov. Gianforte: I trust parents to raise their kids and do what's best for their kids' health. On my watch, the State of Montana will NOT mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.
The governor also joined us in our radio studios recently, where one of our listeners asked a question about this very topic.
Aaron Flint: I got a message on our Montana Talks app from Blake in Fairfield. "Will the governor of the State of Montana step up and join other Republican governors and not comply with the CDC mandates to force COVID-19 'death jabs' on kids for school." That's what Blake in Fairfield had to say,
Gov. Gianforte: Well, that's quite graphic the way he stated it. I will say, we've already taken care of this. Working with the legislature we have religious exemptions for vaccinations. In Montana, it's even illegal to ask if you have been vaccinated or not. Vaccination status cannot be used as a criteria for provision of services or employment. So we took care of that in 2021. The feds don't always agree with us, but that's the law in Montana.
Prior to our chat with the governor, I also reached out to Rep. Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan) who authored a key vaccine freedom bill that was signed into law. She says Montana’s vaccine list required for school is set in statute. Rep. Carlson added, "We also have religious and medical exemptions for all children from all vaccines. My bill HB334 made it easier to get a medical exemption and protected the privacy of the exemptions.

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