“A part of me wanted to get up, grab Baucus by the shoulders, and shake him till he came to his senses." That is a quote from former President Barack Obama's newly released memoirs published by The New Yorker magazine.

Obama was referring to Max Baucus, the so-called author of Obamacare who later became Obama's US Ambassador to China.

Remember when former Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), the so-called "author" of Obamacare, admitted in Libby, Montana that he hadn't even read the bill he supposedly authored? I remember it well. I wrote a story for a previous radio show I was hosting 10 years ago, and my story ended up landing on The Drudge Report and getting national attention.  Baucus had later made national news by referring to Obamacare as a "train wreck."

You can check out the full New Yorker piece by clicking here.

I find it interesting that Baucus is back in the news, yet keeping himself out of the spotlight. Neither his work on Obamacare, nor his time as Ambassador to China, worked out very well. And now Baucus is back in the news for playing a key role in the Hunter Biden scandal.

In case you missed it earlier in the week, here's the specific quote regarding Baucus and the Hunter Biden scandal, thanks to Breitbart News:

Peter Schweizer: We know in the emails we’ve now obtained that they were involved in getting approval meaning Hunter Biden’s firm. We now know that once it was approved, they actually had a celebration of this technology transfer at the U.S. embassy with Chinese executives, with the participation of Hunter Biden’s partners, and it was a celebration and the man that was there Ambassador Max Baucus, former Senator from Montana is a long time Biden family friend. So let’s be clear this is not just about the Biden family becoming wealthy from these foreign partners. It’s about the Biden family participating in the transfer of U.S. technologies to China and getting paid for participating in that.

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