Bozeman, Montana Rabbi Chaim Bruk penned a message to Montana's Jewish Community that I thought would also be worth sharing with those of us who may not be Jewish, but consider ourselves friends of Montana's Jewish community.

I received Rabbi Chaim's e-mail shortly before 6 a.m. on Monday morning, and before I had time to ask for permission to share it with our readers, I noticed that the rabbi also had shared the full message in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The full letter can be found below, but here are some lines that stood out to me:

Montana has shown incredible support for Israel and has lent their heart to the Jewish people during these trying times. Yet, as we look around our beautiful country, from Detroit to Los Angeles, DC to New York, Boston to Houston, the far left has joined together with Muslim students to proclaim Jihad against Israel and Jewish students on college campuses. For over a decade our concern was centered on White Nationalism, today our greatest fear is from those carrying the 1964-invented Palestinian flag while seeking an end to the Jewish problem. Some of the very same students who complain about microaggressions twice a week, are now macro aggressive against the Jewish student who has the Chutzpah to wear a Yarmulke, Star of David, or have a Mezuzah on their dorm room.

Click below for his full message:

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