Popular University of Montana history professor Dr. Mehrdad Kia hosts a monthly program called ‘Global Hot Spots’ on KGVO.

A perfect example presented itself on Thursday, as Russia invaded the Ukraine with thousands of troops flooding over the Russia-Ukraine border.

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Kia opened by referring to Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin as ‘a bully’.

“A bully has invaded a sovereign and independent country under false claims,” began Professor Kia. “Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, which gained its independence after the collapse of Soviet Union, with 44 million people, has been invaded on three sides.”

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Kia pointed out that Ukraine is not a member of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

“Ukraine is not a NATO country, so there is no defense pact to defend it,” he said. “In addition, I do not foresee the United States sending troops to help Ukraine in any shape or form because that would ignite a direct confrontation between the United States and NATO against Putin's Russia.”

Kia pointed out that Ukraine was once part of the old Soviet Union, and that Putin is attempting to rebuild the old Russian empire.

“He doesn't think he's invading a sovereign country,” he said. “He thinks that he's invading a country which should be rightfully Russia's. It should have never gained its independence. It should have never been allowed to separate itself from the Soviet Union. It was always part of Russia. It was then part of the Soviet Union and it should remain part of the Russian Empire.”

Kia was adamant that NATO countries and the United States must strongly respond to Russia’s actions, not just to stop the Russian invasion, but also to forestall an invasion of Taiwan by mainland China.

“We have to respond assertively and set devastating economic and financial sanctions against Putin himself; against Russian banking, and against the Russian economy.” He said. “If we do not do this, and I have seen this now, just yesterday, you will have the same kind of approach being applied to Taiwan by China, that is any sign of weakness would result in the bullies basically adopting very aggressive policies toward more vulnerable states.”

Kia, who is Persian, offers insights on world events every month on his ‘Global Hot Spots’ program, often accompanied by fellow history professor Dr. Michael Mayer.

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