Did Touchdown Tommy pull it off again? Yes he did. What a victory for the Montana State University Bobcats on Saturday. The biggest game in Bozeman since 1984, and now the Bobcats are headed to the national championship.

We already shared this news on our website, of course- but I wanted to share a few other reactions and highlight reels with you.

First up, of course, is the big story this playoff season. Butte, Montana's (Butte, America for most of you) Tommy Mellott. He didn't even start as the quarterback until the playoffs, and the true Freshman has helped lead his team to victories ever since. It was a team effort, of course, but Mellott's story is something any Montanan can cheer for.

As ESPN College Football noted via Twitter: "The Montana native notched 4 total TD to secure his team a spot in the FCS title!"

Former University of Montana Grizzly Coach Bob Stitt also threw some kudos to Touchdown Tommy and Butte:


I spoke with former MSU Bobcat quarterback Travis Lulay before the game. He predicted a Bobcat victory, talked about meeting "Touchdown Tommy" last year at the Montana Pro Football Hall of Fame Banquet in Billings, and talked about the significance of Butte, Montana.

Travis Lulay: You always smile and wear that with a little bit of pride when one of the Butte kids comes to your school, because you know, you're always getting tough, hard nosed, quality individuals. And so when you get those guys to come to your side of the mountain, you feel pretty good about it. So obviously Touchdown Tommy he has been all of that and more so far.




For those of you in the political arena, two of the Bobcats biggest boosters are Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT):



Here's the 10 minute highlight reel from ESPN College Football's YouTube page:

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