Brad Johnson is a retired CIA operative who now heads up Americans for Intelligence Reform and writes for the Epoch Times. He is in Helena, Montana as we speak and will be the keynote speaker for the Patriot Lunch Thursday in Helena.

We caught up with Johnson on Wednesday morning for a preview of the ground he's looking to cover in his Thursday presentation- everything from the weaponization of government against conservatives, the Durham Report fallout, and the 2024 elections. The full audio is below, but here is a sample of some of what we talked about.

On the weaponization of the federal government:


Brad Johnson: This is one of the things I'll say- in talking with multiple former FBI and CIA guys, people that are friends of mine and chatting about it that are conservatives- the one universal thing that everyone has agreed upon is that none of those organizations, none of these three letter federal agencies can be fixed with who's there. You just cannot fix it with who's there. You have to get rid of all those people that are in the leadership of the CIA, FBI, DOJ- all of these guys. You have to get rid of that leadership. Out in the rank and file there are still plenty of good people.


How hard will it be for our country to bounce back from the Biden years?


Brad Johnson: On the internal scale, every single time under Jimmy Carter, this politicization and weaponization of our federal government took bold steps forward. And it was consolidated essentially under the Clinton years, and just completely off the map with craziness with the Obama years, and now that has continued to consolidate. It's getting their position in control of these different federal agencies is much stronger now than it has ever been before. So it's, it's gonna be much, much worse.


By the way, Brad tells us that the Patriot Lunch is 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Doubletree on Thursday in Helena.

Full audio:

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