Joining General Michael Flynn on his "Flynn Movie" bus tour here in Montana was a retired green beret Lt. Colonel named Ivan Raiklin. With a 40 foot long "link analysis" chart behind him, Raiklin laid out the deep state operation that went after General Flynn and practically anyone in President Donald Trump's orbit.

I actually got to meet Ivan several years ago during my service in the military, and caught up with him before the Flynn Movie event in Billings.

Flynn was their first target. 

Ivan Raiklin: "Their first target was their number one existential threat, which was General Flynn."

Why did they start with General Flynn? 

Ivan Raiklin: "He knew where the bodies were buried, he knew who buried the bodies, and if he didn't know- he had an entire network and ecosystem and 33 years of knowledge of the system, along with others, to go ahead and find out immediately who buried the bodies, how they buried them, and what consequences should be afforded to each one of those individuals."

Who targeted him? 

Ivan Raiklin: "The key individuals within both political parties- major political parties in the United States- the C-Lie-A, the FB-Lie, all worked in some way, shape, or form- either in parallel or in coordination with each other- to take out the one individual that was in the trusted inner circle of Donald Trump- the only one that was going to be able to expose the rot, corruption, fraud, waste and abuse, and the illegal activity with the spying on the Trump campaign through Crossfire Hurricane. That person would have been General Flynn, they had to remove him."

Here's the full audio of our chat with Ivan: 

By the way- last week, General Michael Flynn joined us on the radio here in Montana. Here is the full audio of that chat in the 2nd half of the below podcast:

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