After reports of some rolling blackouts in Montana during the latest cold snap, Montana’s U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale provided the following statement.

“My staff and I are closely monitoring the power situation in our state,” said Rosendale. “The rolling blackouts today in Montana as a result of strain on our shared power grid with other states demonstrate the dangerous consequences of transitioning away from reliable fossil fuel based power sources.”

Rosendale said Montanans are experiencing the kind of power interruptions that they have rarely seen in the past.

“It is obscene that Montana ratepayers are being forced to ration electricity in sub zero temperatures a month into the Biden administration,” he said. “I will work with our delegation, the governor's office and the stakeholders to monitor the situation and provide any relevant updates. Thanks to all those who are working in tough conditions to keep our lights and heat on.”

In addition, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte issued an executive order over the last weekend to assist citizens of the state to get prompt access to fuel to heat their homes and businesses.


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