There's a reason Jon Tester earned the nickname "Tehran Jon"...

Here we go again. Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) hardly said squat about Joe Biden handing $6 billion to the terror regime in Iran, but now that the American people are seeing just what Iran will do with more cash- Tester wants to look moderate ahead of his re-election battle next year. The flip flop flat top fake moderate is at it again.

This headline from The Washington Examiner says it all.

Israel war: Vulnerable Senate Democrats back GOP push to freeze $6 billion to Iran

Navy SEAL veteran and Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy tore into Tester on X Tuesday:

Tim Sheehy: Few have been weaker…   When Biden gave $6B to Iran last month, Tester sat back and said nothing.   Tester supported the disastrous Obama-Biden Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015 that empowered Iran – the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.   Spare us the virtue signaling and empty words @jontester


If only someone could have predicted how Iran would spend this money? Check out this Grabien montage. And, by the way, John Jackson and I said the same thing on the radio here in Montana nearly one month ago:

Meanwhile, think about how many Iranians have broken into this country illegally because of the wide open southern border policies of Joe Biden and Jon Tester. As Bill Melugin reports, nearly 700 Iranians were detained at the border in just the last two years. Reminder-
there's 1.5 million "got aways" since Joe Biden took power

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