I said it before we took off for Vegas- you never know who you're going to run into at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Check out this big Montana news that Donald Trump, Jr. just shared with us.

We were just wrapping up our day one LIVE coverage from the SHOT Show- the world's biggest gun show- when down the hall we spotted Donald Trump, Jr. Governor Greg Gianforte and Don Jr. then walked right down to join our Montana crew on the radio.

We talked about his father's big wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. We talked about Don Jr.'s hunting trips in Montana that go way back. We talked about 2024, and more. Plus, John Jackson (the Joker from Twitter who is side kicking with us down here) asked when we can see Don Jr. on the ballot. (The response was HILARIOUS)

But it was the big business news that Donald Trump, Jr. announced in partnership with a cool Montana company that also stood out.

Donald Trump, Jr: For the gun industry, we're announcing a partnership between Public square and Credova- a Montana based company today, because the banks are shutting down people's accounts if they have firearms transactions. And so, they're offering now- buy now pay later type of deals to insulate patriotic Americans from the attack of woke corporate America, and so we're super psyched about that one.

Don Jr. mentioned how they took Public Square public this past summer "to allow a venue for patriotic Americans to find other like minded businesses."

Donald Trump, Jr.: So you're not going to Starbucks spending your hard earned dollars on someone who's going to literally donate that to causes that hate your guts or politicians who would put you in the gulags. So you know, at Public Square, you're able to find other businesses like you who share your values and give them your money and vice versa. So it's a natural thing. It's gotten so extreme, the attack on patriotic Americans is so flagrant that we're out there just fighting back and it's really good.

What is Credova, a Bozeman-based company? We'll have that story coming up in our day 2 coverage from the SHOT Show.

Full audio from Day 1 coverage at the SHOT Show:


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