Look. I'm all about talkin' trash. I grew up playing basketball in the 90s south of Chicago. So when someone tagged me in a LinkedIn post where some spud from Idaho was saying how Idaho was better than Montana- I was more than willing to jump in.

Instead of trash talkin' Idaho, I decided to be the bigger man, and instead say how GREAT Idaho is- especially if you're someone spotting this LinkedIn post from California or Seattle.

When Bill Colley with KLIX Radio in Twin Falls, Idaho wrote a story about "Why Idaho is Better Than Montana"- I had to respond with this:

Yes- to everybody from California: PLEASE listen to Bill. Idaho is waaaaay better. You definitely want to move to Idaho. Same for folks in Seattle.

Why is Idaho better, according to Bill? "All the self-centered, crooked, and bloodthirsty ranchers are on the Montana side of the state line.  I know this because I saw it on the Paramount Network." Read More: Why Idaho is Better Than Montana, Chapter Two |

All I can say is: keep talkin' trash Bill. We know your state is being overrun just as bad as the badasses in Big Sky country.

In fact, I was down at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas earlier this month where several governors took part in a "Governor's Forum" put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

I got a kick out of something the Governor of Idaho had to say during the panel. He was talking about recruiting businesses from Oregon, Washington, California. We used to have to "go fishing" in these other states. "Now the fish are jumping into the boat," added Governor Brad Little (R-ID).

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