In the latest episode (Season 25, Episode 3) of Comedy Central's South Park, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker highlight a growing problem in America. The episode is titled "City People."

The episode focuses on people moving from larger cities to more rural areas to work remotely. Although the episode takes place in fictional South Park, Colorado, much of it hits a little too close to home if you live in Bozeman. Bozeman has become a popular destination for people from larger cities that want to work remotely.

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Even if you're not a fan of South Park, there's no denying how accurate the episode is. Due to a shortage of real estate agents in town, Cartman's mom gets a job, and he's worried that she won't always be there to take care of him. Residents of South Park are concerned that all of the city people are going to bring their city ways to the small town and ruin what they love about it. If you ask me, it sounds a lot like Bozeman.

South Park paints a stereotypical picture of city people, and makes it seem like all that they care about are pilates, Teslas, Macbooks, and Cortado.

The housing issues in South Park gets so bad, that the mayor eventually declares open season on real estate agents.

Small, charming towns across America are being flooded with out-of-staters from larger cities and home prices have been skyrocketing in areas that were once affordable. The point is, Bozeman isn't the only place that it's happening.

If you want to watch 'City People', you can find it on the South Park website.

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