We all know that Montana is no stranger to cold temperatures, but for October it seems a little early for sub-zero temps. You're not wrong. Monday morning Southwest Montana had record low temperatures all across the area.

Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Butte, and Dillon were actually all featured on a list of the "Coldest Places in the World." Yes, you read that right, in the World! Weather Now keeps a running list of extreme temperatures across the globe that is updated instantly. Just after 6 a.m. this morning, here's where Montana placed on that list:

  • 1st: South Pole, Antarctica -49°
  • 2nd: West Yellowstone -20°
  • 4th: Bozeman -18°
  • 6th: Butte -14°
  • 11th: Dillon -8°

Ranking this high on the "Coldest Places in the World" list isn't ideal, especially in October. Our recent run of below zero temperatures was due to an arctic storm that dropped down from Canada. This storm brought us about 10 inches of snow and several days of frigid temperatures.

Thankfully, we are expected to warm up throughout the week and by Thursday our highs are expected to be around 50° and our lows staying in the mid 20's. This is good news looking ahead to Halloween on Saturday night with the weather looking to be perfect fall-like weather.

See an up to the date list of the coldest places across the globe using the button below.

You can even check out the "Warmest Places in the World" list. Though I'm pretty sure that Bozeman and Southwest Montana hasn't ever been featured on that list.

Snow Weekend in Bozeman

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