I think Butte, Montana is definitely gonna love this new Evel Knievel video that just came out. You're gonna feel like a kid all over again...

Alright, let me be straight up with you. Yeah, I tried to use the headline to lure you in, but seriously- you're gonna thank me later. This is great.

Did you see that jump? And the figurines with their hands in the air? And the Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O Mine" playing in the background.

Here's some of the reactions that tweet got via Twitter, or "X" as it is called now.

Brian: Thank ya sir, I was 8 years old again for 30 seconds. Great therapy, be blessed.

One lady just replied "boys and their toys" with several laughter emojis.

Embedded Expert on X: "He landed just like in Caesar’s palace!

Bryan: "The cape flying in the wind on the jump was fantastic…."

Thomas: "Awesome!!! The landing flip, the helmet flying off!!!!!.....epic crash!! Then back on the wheels like a true Knievel!"

For those who don't know, Evel Knievel was born in Butte, Montana. And if you don't know Butte...but you know Evel Knievel...then it won't surprise you that the mining city of Butte is home to some of the toughest American patriots you will find.

Some of his most memorable jumps include Caesars Palace (1967), San Francisco Cow Palace (1970) Snake River Canyon(1975), and of course the famous London Wembley Stadium jump (1975).

Learn more about his fascinating history at EvelKnievel.com

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