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Number 1: Flint’s Top Montana Posts of 2020
This story not only was our number one story here in Montana in 2020, (based on website views from Montanans) it was such a big story that it made the weekly top 10 list for over 300 radio station websites across the country.
Number 4: Flint’s Top Montana Posts of 2020
He's not bragging about the COVID case numbers anymore is he? We flattened the curve. That was the message from Montana's outgoing Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) last Spring, even though numbers elsewhere across our region were also low.
Number 5: Flint’s Top Montana Posts for 2020
On March 11th, Dr. Scott Sears of St. Vincent Healthcare said it wasn't a question of "if" the coronavirus would come to Montana, but when. Two days later, in the middle of the state basketball tournaments- the first COVID-19 case in Montana was made public, and the state tournaments …
Number 7: Flint’s Top Montana Posts for 2020
Earlier this summer, with Trump rallies not taking place across the country, and with parades being canceled left and right- some local Montanans decided to throw a Trump bday parade. The idea spread to several cities across the state.
Number 6: Flint’s Top Montana Posts for 2020
I know what you're thinking. Didn't I just see this story? The answer: kind of. President Trump draws such big numbers and such strong support here in Montana, that when we write a story talking about an event supporting President Trump- the story itself will draw the numbers.
Number 9: Flint’s Top Montana Posts for 2020
Coming in at number 9 is a story about world famous supermodel Cindy Crawford popping up in downtown Billings. We've sure seen a lot of folks coming to Montana to escape during the pandemic, but what was Cindy Crawford doing in Montana? We later found out.