Over the next few days leading up to the New Year, I'll be sharing our top 10 stories from 2020. (Here's the full list for 2019) These are our top 10 stories based on local unique visitors from right here in Montana.

Here's number 2 from April 10, 2020.


Folks have been sharing this video with me from all over Montana. As of Thursday night, it's already received over 350,000 views and thousands of shares on Facebook.

In the video, Kalispell, Montana Dr. Annie Bukacek says COVID-19 death certificates are being manipulated, and that the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.

Dr. Bukacek is the founder of Hosanna Health in Kalispell. She also serves on the Flathead City-County Health Board, and is the director of the Montana Pro-Life Coalition.

The Montana Daily Gazette, a new conservative news site, first shared the video in a post earlier this week headlined,"Montana Doctor Blows the Whistle on the CDC’s Manipulated Coronavirus Figures."


Here's the full video posted by Liberty Fellowship:


Update at 515 AM Friday: The Daily Wire is featuring a report on the CDC's Dr. Fauci. He was on NBC's Today show and was asked if the death counts are being inflated. Here's what Fauci told NBC:

You know, Savannah, there is absolutely no evidence that that’s the case at all. You know, I think it falls under the category of something that’s very unfortunate, these conspiracy theories that we hear about. Every time we have a crisis of any sort, there’s always this popping up of conspiracy. I think the deaths that we’re seeing are coronavirus deaths, and the other deaths are not being counted as coronavirus.


Here's the video:


If the video above caught your eye, there's also a must-read piece posted at FoxNews.com featuring a former New York Times reporter who says the models being used to predict COVID-19 deaths have already been proven significantly wrong. As Fox News reports:

Recently he’s been focusing on discrepancies within the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model. That model has come under renewed scrutiny as it has revised its metrics multiple times. It once predicted more than 90,000 deaths by August but recently issued a new estimate that has the figure closer to 60,000.

He has also argued, in lengthy Twitter threads, that the drop in cases seen in various states has come before lockdowns would have had an impact -- since it takes a few weeks for social distancing measures to take effect due to the window between infection and symptoms.


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