I completely agree with Donald Trump, Jr. on this point when it comes to the 2024 elections. Whether it is the US Senate or the White House, conservatives don't have time to be messing around until June to start taking the fight to the other side.

More on that in a moment, but first- we did have some big news in Montana's 2024 US Senate race while I was down at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Two big stories were reported by The New York Times, including new polling data in a potential GOP primary if Congressman Matt Rosendale jumps into the race with Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy.

According to the New York Times, newly released data shows Sheehy defeating Rosendale in a potential primary. (The poll was conducted by a pro Sheehy super PAC)

In a previously unreported poll for the super PAC, conducted by Tony Fabrizio, Mr. Trump’s longtime pollster, Mr. Sheehy was leading Mr. Rosendale in a hypothetical primary, 48 percent to 24 percent.

As Breitbart News pointed out, the NYT also confirmed "that Democrats are spending millions of dollars to boost Rep. Matt Rosendale’s (R-MT) likely bid for Senate." The Democrats are spending money to attack Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy, while trying to help Rosendale.

The other big news was the news that did NOT happen.
As we also reportedhad a big weekend of events featuring Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

"Matt Gaetz has been my reliable ally as we battle the uniparty in Washington," Rosendale told Fox News Digital. "Whether it’s fighting out-of-control spending, securing our border, or restoring regular order to Congress, Matt Gaetz has always been with me in the fight for our nation. It is an honor to have him join me in the Treasure State tomorrow"


When word first got out about these events earlier in January, many speculated that this is when Rosendale would announce a run for the US Senate, since it is already very late in the game for what is set to be the most important US Senate race in the country. That apparently did not happen.

Polling and fundraising aside, how long will Rosendale wait to announce one way or the other?

After Montana's Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) gave his full endorsement of Tim Sheehy in the senate race, I made the point that conservatives can't wait till June to start taking the fight to the other side. During our LIVE radio shows from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week, Donald Trump, Jr. added this:

Donald Trump, Jr.: No, we're always going to be at a financial deficit too. Right? The people of Montana can support someone, but the people of California are then sending millions and millions of dollars. So you know, we're functioning on 1/5 the budget generally speaking as they are, and so we gotta get involved in all of these things. We gotta think about those things. You can't wait till the last minute, because the other side, you know, they do not play fair, they do not play nice. They're funded by all sorts of people who clearly do not share Montanans values. But we got to recognize that we can't wait.


 Here's the audio from that chat with Donald Trump Jr. and Governor Gianforte: 



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