Drug Cartels are in Bozeman. How many of them?  Why is Fentanyl so out of control in OUR area??!! This is the perfect time to meet & hear from our TOP DEA Agent in Montana!! Information w/ Questions Answered!

That was the notice sent out by Rene Flynn in the Gallatin Valley.

We all know that the Mexican Drug Cartels are now taking an increased focus on the Gallatin Valley- especially with the cocaine being trafficked up to the big money Big Sky area. But what are some warning signs to look for? If you see something, what is the best way to say something?

Rene put together a great public meeting coming up soon. Stacy Zinn-Brittain, the top Drug Enforcement Administration agent in Montana, will be speaking and will also be fielding questions from the crowd. She has an incredible background.

(by Fairgrounds & Baseball field, enter from Rouse into Large Parking Lot)

The event is free. RSVP to rflynnbelgrade(at)gmail.com

For those who saw our story earlier this year, we asked the top DEA agent in Montana about the cartels and their presence in the Gallatin Valley. Here's part of our chat from back in April:

Aaron Flint: "We had caller a while back. They heard you speak and you said- hey, Bozeman, it's coming your way too this Fentanyl crisis and crime increase and more."

Stacy Zinn-Brittain (DEA): "Bozeman is a different animal because we have a cocaine pipeline going through that area, and we have two cartels that are sitting up in that general region. Bozeman is being hit with that product because cocaine is a rich man's drug. So we still see high profits being made off that drug. So you see cocaine going through Big Sky ending up in the Bozeman area. Of course, you have the psychedelic drugs too because of the colleges down there. So Bozeman has got their fair share of drug activity in that area..."

Aaron Flint: "And the cartels are seeing an increased focus there as well. All the wealthy folks flying in and out fueling the cocaine- the cartels see an opportunity. Wow."


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