We couldn't help but talk football at the start of the conversation. Earlier this week, the Georgia Bulldogs won the national college football championship. Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a former Whitefish Bulldog who also played for Oregon, was playing football the last time Georgia won the national championship.

So was NFL great Herschel Walker, who played on that championship team. Zinke says we're likely to see Herschel Walker visit Montana this summer.

That's right- the Georgia Bulldogs won the championship for the first time in almost 40 years. As Fox Across America host, and former NYC cab driver, Jimmy Failla pointed out- Jimmy Carter was president the last time Georgia won the championship.  And, as Failla also pointed out, here Georgia won the national championship again- and Jimmy Carter is president.

We covered a lot of ground with former Interior Secretary and former Montana Congressman Zinke on the radio. Here's the audio:

The Jimmy Carter reference above was, of course, a reference to the inflation we are seeing under Joe Biden. Biden is now signaling that he intends to try and tackle inflation through price controls. But that didn't work in the 70's either.

Ryan Zinke: Venezuela has price controls too. How's that working out?

If Republicans take control of Congress, how will they take control of the government over-spending?

Ryan Zinke: We're going to have to open up both sides of the budget, you can't just discretionary and the entitlements side. We as a nation are going bankrupt quick, and we're going to have to put the foot on the brakes]. And the brakes, in this case, are going to be the House of Representatives.

By the way, as a side note- Zinke was going to join us in studio but he took a COVID test before hitting the campaign trail for the week, and tested positive for COVID-19. Sounds like he is doing well regardless.


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