Another day, another story with damaging information about Joe Biden's pick to head up the Bureau of Land Management- Tracy Stone Manning.

As we've previously reported, Tracy Stone-Manning is the radical environmentalist who used to work as a senior staffer to Democrat Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT). Tester is now spending valuable political capital to get a very senior job for one of his former aides.

The nomination was expected to move forward. That is, until new information came to light concerning her role in an eco-terrorism case back in the 1990s. The former federal investigator on the case has also come forward publicly to hammer Tracy Stone-Manning for hindering the federal investigation.

The latest news involves information about how EarthFirst openly bragged about the FBI not being able to pin them down. As The Daily Caller reports:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management was an editor for an issue of the radical Earth First journal that contained a non-bylined story gloating that federal investigators were bungling their investigation into an eco-terrorism incident the nominee was directly involved in.

We spoke with Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT). He weighed in on this latest news, and says she has lost the public's trust. Two Obama BLM appointees have also spoken out against her nomination.

Daines: So this is not just republicans talking about this. This is Democrats. And you're exactly right. They're all banding together the democrats and it just takes one, one democrat senator, to stop this nomination because we're in a 50-50 Senate. But sadly, I think you're going to see them moving through with this nomination and she likely will be appointed the the Bureau of Land Management Director.

We also spoke with Senator Daines about his bill to audit the CDC. Click below for the full audio.



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