Look at that lineup of products all made from pulse crops.

We were in Plentywood, Montana for the KATQ Radio Farm Expo on Friday and got to catch up with Paul Kanning from the Montana Pulse Crop Committee. Earlier in the morning we also chatted with Charlie Cahill of Cahill Seeds about the amazing revolution in pulse crop production that has taken place in Montana and really started getting noticed just over a decade ago.

Check out the photo above of the products that are all made from pulse crops (think dry peas, lentils, chickpeas etc). Right to left you can see the banana bread mix from 41 Grains in Circle, Montana. Then you see the plant based egg substitute made from pulse crops. I drank the Ripple chocolate protein drink with 20 grams of protein, and I actually really enjoyed the taste of it. It had the chocolate milk flavor but then I also really enjoyed the grainy, oatmeal like after taste as well. I still have to try the instant lentils, The Amazing Chickpea peanut butter alternative, and the Chick Meal from 41 Grains. Apparently the Chick Meal is a gluten free alternative to corn meal. And finally, check it out, I even scored some cat food for our very demanding tabby cat.

And, of course, whenever I am travelling the state I also like to pick up a bag of the Lentil Crunchers from our friends at Farver Farms. (By the way, see you all in Scobey on Friday, April 5th.)

For those who don't know, Montana is now the LEADER in pulse crop production. Pulse crops have been incredible added value for wheat farmers in the area.

If you missed our chat with Paul Kanning and Charlie Cahill, the full podcast can be found below.

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