A Washington, DC fat cat versus a fresh-faced Navy SEAL and aerial firefighter. This is the video that Montana Democrats DO NOT want you to see. 

Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy (R-MT) showed his command presence, and a command of the issues. Meanwhile, Jon Tester looked like a career politician who was forced to stick to phony talking points.

If you missed the 9 a.m. debate a couple Sunday mornings ago, I posted the full video below of the first debate between liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy in the 2024 US Senate race.

Former capitol reporter Mike Dennison joined a weekend TV political talk show to recap the debate. Even Dennison acknowledged that Sheehy had a solid performance, while Tester was "not as animated as I have seen him in the past."

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal is going after Tester for criticizing a top job provider in Montana.

"When President Obama told business owners 'you didn’t build that' during his 2012 campaign, Democrats scrambled to cover for his gaffe. Today’s left," the Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, "says you built that, and you’re to blame."

Aside from attacking Sheehy's combat veteran service record as a Navy SEAL, Tester has been attacking Sheehy for his business success.

The Wall Street Journal summed up Tester's attack with this: "Voters aren’t likely to agree that a successful local business is a big problem, but the episode is another revealing look at how progressives view the economy."



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