Two more have entered the race. If I have my count right this would make 10 candidates running to unseat Liz Cheney.

Last week former President Donald Trump met with a few political candidates from Wyoming. He hoped to find one worth endorsing. This is one of those rare cases when an endorsement would actually matter.

It was no surprise that not every candidate running against Cheney was invited to visit with Trump. What was a surprise was the announcement of two new candidates in the race, that Trump met with.

According to Cowboy State Daily, "An online political publication has identified two more Wyoming Republicans as congressional candidates who were interviewed by former President Donald Trump in his search for a challenger to the re-election campaign of U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney."

Meet the two new candidates running against Liz Cheney.

State Sen. Bo Biteman, R-Ranchester,


Casper resident Catharine O’Neill


They were both identified by Politico as now in the race.

I went searching and, at the time I am writing this, I can't find any social media site or website for either of these new candidates. I'm sure that's coming soon.

Still no word from former President Trump as to who he will endorse. From what has been heard, don't expect to hear anything any time soon.

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At the beginning of all of this, the worry was that the more candidates who entered the race the better chance Cheney would have of winning the nomination. So, the question remains: will anyone who does not get Trump's endorsement drop out? Also, by this time next year will we have even more candidates or fewer?

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