They attacked our Montana Capitol, and now they're being let off the hook? The other day we told you how some of the radical transgender activists who attacked our Montana Capitol would likely be let off the hook- we can now tell you they will ALL be let off the hook.

And who is the lawless liberal prosecutor letting these Democrat party activists off the hook? No big surprise here, the county attorney is related to former Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT). Yeah, you guessed it- the same guy who locked down our state and tried to force other mandates down our throats.

That was my reaction after reading the news earlier Thursday morning that ALL of the trans activists would be let of the hook.


John Jackson, the Joker from Twitter, made the great point the other day that if you were a granny on January 6th...jail. If you were a transgender activist attacking the Montana Capitol- not so much.

Montana's Speaker of the House Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) told the Montana Television Network that he was disappointed charges were being dropped.

He said he questioned the message it would send if there weren’t consequences for those who were arrested. “The victim here is the state of Montana, and the public that expects law and order in their Capitol,” he said.

Click here for the MTN report.


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