They called her the "villain of the week." And she ran with it. This is how you do it people. When they hit you with an absurd attack- have fun with it.

Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe (R-Billings) is a state representative in the Montana Legislature who has been standing up for life and liberty. As a result, she is drawing the ire of radical Left-wing dark money groups.

The Soros-funded group "Forward Montana" is one of the astroturf front groups lobbying the legislature on every pet cause of the Left. They attacked Rep. Crowe as their "Villain of the Week."

Rep. Crowe ran with it on Facebook and accepted the attack as a badge of honor.

So many bills I sponsored from which to choose to give me the title: fighting against the unions in education, parents rights, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution rights, revamping Judicial Standards Commission, carrying SB99 on the House floor.
Ended up being my pro-life bill that got me the honor. And an honor it is! I’m still the Original Republican Gangster!
This is how you do it people. When they try and hit you with some absurd attack- run with it. There's a reason the Democrats have become a Superminority in the Montana Legislature. It's because they keep catering to these radical, out-of-state funded, special interest groups like Forward Montana instead of everyday Montanans. Good job by Rep. Crowe for standing up to them.
By the way, Rep. Crowe is also the spouse of a US Marine Corps Veteran who served in Desert Storm and Somalia. Her father served in Vietnam. And, her daughter currently serves in the US Navy. She tells us that she is "grateful for my patriotic heritage and a family of true heroes who love their country."

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