You might have to look closely to spot it. And I have to say, this is the first time I've heard of this being done at least.

When I first looked at this post by the Madison County Sheriff's Office thanking the good people of Sheridan, Montana for backing the blue- I wondered what the back story was. The picture, at first, appeared to be just a photo of downtown main street Sheridan, Montana.

Then I looked closer, and spotted it- a thin blue line painted right down the middle of the street to show support for law enforcement. "Thank you, Sheridan, for your support of law enforcement! #backtheblue", The Madison County Sheriff's Office added.

It also reminded me of when the liberal-run City of Bozeman painted a crosswalk downtown in rainbow colors. They said they wanted to show that downtown was "welcoming." I made the point that if they really wanted to be welcoming, they would paint the crosswalks with the thin blue line to show support for the members of our community have been viciously attacked simply for serving their community.

What do you think about that? If the City of Bozeman truly wanted to show how welcoming they are, should they paint their crosswalks maroon and silver? Former Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss replied, "Yeah we haven't lost that bet."

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