A couple reminders as we look to enter peak tourist season: slower traffic keep right...oh yeah- and bears. By the way, The Big Sky Business Journal's Evelyn Pyburn tells us that we are expecting a record tourism year.

It always happens. Traffic is moving along just fine, and then one guy decides to be THAT guy and bring everything to a grinding halt. Then traffic gets backed up, everybody starts getting too close together, and that's when bad things start to happen. So, another reminder- slower traffic keep right. Plus, this is Montana. It is called Big Sky Country for a reason- we like our space.

This is also probably a good reminder to let folks know why we have those pullouts on the side of the canyon roads. If you want to drive slower and take your time- you do you. Be safe. Be comfortable. But also- USE THE PULLOUTS so other folks can safely get around you. Those pullouts aren't just for viewing wildlife- like bears.

Speaking of bears, Mrs. Massacre via X shared a great tweet that prompted this rant. Do you see the size of that claw below? Be prepared for bears- especially grizzly bears, as they are on the prowl all across Montana- not just in Western Montana. They're seeing them like crazy in the Red Lodge area, and on the plains past the Rocky Mountain Front.

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