Montana is breaking cold weather records left and right this weekend. But at 59 below zero, this Montana town was the coldest in the country...

On Saturday, the warmest place in the contiguous United States was Pompano Beach, Florida at 87 degrees. Meanwhile...the big winner for coldest town in the contiguous US? Wait for it...Chester, Montana at 59 below zero.

The National Weather Service office in Caribou, Maine shared this via Twitter on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, Caribou is back...and so is Montana...with the coldest towns in the contiguous United States. Sunday morning the coldest towns were -44°F at Havre and 25 miles west of Opheim, MT. Record low temperatures, based on preliminary numbers were also set on Sunday morning January 14th, 2024 at the Bozeman, Dillon, and Havre airports.     According to the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Great Falls, Montana, Havre's old record of 43 below was set back in 1907. Bozeman's record of 30 below was set back in 1947. Bozeman was 35 below Sunday morning. And Dillon set their 23 below record back in 1950. Dillon was 27 below on Sunday.     

NWS Missoula is also warning of ice jams in Western Montana.

Ice has been building on area rivers and streams the past few days. Ice jams will be possible today through early this coming week. If you experience flooding or notice it, please report it to local law enforcement.

And in Billings, the NWS office there is reporting a "tempigami." What's a "tempigami?"

NWS Billings: Breaking news! Billings high of -7° and low of -26° on Saturday was a "tempigami" (it was the first time we've seen that specific high and low since records began in 1934).

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