We were in the middle of a border security rally in Great Falls, Montana and I noticed that several of our listeners and readers were messaging me on all platforms- did you hear Tim Sheehy on Mark Levin's show right now?

I caught it later, and Tim Sheehy absolutely nailed the interview with nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin.

Levin started out by calling out liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), who has earned the nickname "Two-Faced Tester."

Mark Levin: "We have this little issue with integrity and honesty. We have some of these Democrats who run in fairly red states who will go far left, because you know, they're six year terms. And they'll vote with Schumer they'll vote with Bernie Sanders, they'll vote with Elizabeth Warren, they'll vote with the radical left kooks. Then as election time comes around- a year, 18 months out- they move to the center. And then they raise all kinds of money explaining how, you know, they can work with both sides and get things done and so forth. And one of them is this guy that's been hanging on with the 1940s hair cut, the senator from Montana- Tester.

Navy SEAL veteran and Republican Senate candidate Tim Sheehy hammered Tester for his failures spanning decades, but especially the last 3 years.

Tim Sheehy: "Where the hell have you been for the last 20 years Jon? If you want to secure the border, and balance the budget, and take care of our veterans...I am a vet, a wounded vet. The VA was my only source of health care when I got out. And if he's gonna run on his VA record...why in the hell do we have record high veterans suicide? Why do we have VA resources being used on illegal immigrants? Why are we spending more money per head as a nation on illegal immigrants right now...(then they had to cut to a break)

Full audio below: 


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