Spring brings new beginnings and is also a time of year when romance thrives. If you have been looking to ask that "special someone" to spend some time with you, entice them with something special. Don't just go to a movie or get a drink. Check out our picks for the "Top 5 Date Ideas for Western Montana."

Montana is a big state, but people here are used to driving long distances for a little fun. Some of your most memorable dates may require a slight road trip, while others may require zero gas money.

1) Hike the "M" and Enjoy Big Dipper Ice Cream

The "M" near the University of Montana, is a fairly easy hike that yields an amazing view. Don't just take your date on a casual stroll down the sidewalk. Take your date to the top of a mountain. After the mild hike, reward your date with some of the best ice creams in the Treasure State. Located within a mile of the "M," you can sample the legend"dairy" "Big Dipper Ice Cream on Higgins st.

2) Hike the Bitterroot Mountains

If hiking the "M" in Missoula is not challenging enough, step up your game and hike the Bitterroot Mountains. With some of the most breathtaking views in the northwest, your date will be more than impressed by the beauty. You can find trailheads all down HWY 93.

3) Run the Root

If hiking is not your thing, but you still want to treat your date to the scenic Bitterroot Valley, then simply take a day trip down the stretch of Highway 93. Along the way, you can enjoy a beer at Blacksmith Brewing or Wildwood Brewing in Stevensville, or Bitterroot Brewing in Hamilton. You can also enjoy the best burger in the state at Naps Grill. You can even go as far as to drive to Lost Trail and take a run down the ski hill.

4) Day trip to Glacier National Park

Some people may consider a trip to Glacier something you have to spend a week doing. That is not the case. You can easily plan a day trip to GNP and take in a ton of scenery. Simply driving the "Going to the Sun Road" is enough to make memories that will last a lifetime. Just remember to get your reservation before you go.

5) Visit the Hobbit House in Trout Creek

If you have a Lord of the Rings fan you are trying to impress, try making the short road trip to visit "The Hobbit House" in Trout Creek. This private guest home is available for overnight stays and is inspired by the "Shire" made famous in the JRR Tolkiens novels.

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