If you're wondering who to vote for in the upcoming school board elections in Billings, here are the four candidates to look for on the ballot. They are pro-parent, pro-kid, and pro-freedom. They have been speaking out against school closures, mask mandates, sporting events restrictions, and more:

Shannon Johnson - Zone 3 - North Billings-Heights

Chad Nelson - Zone 4 - Central Billings

Kristen Gilfeather Zone 5 - Central-West Billings

Jon Von Langen - Zone7 - West Billings

According to the Yellowstone County Elections Office, the school election will take place via mail ballot with a May 3rd deadline.

If you'd like to read more info about the candidates, Evelyn Pyburn did a write-up for the Yellowstone County News back in December.

Last fall, following a school board meeting where the parents believed they were not being heard by the board, a group of parents wound up meeting in a park where “we decided we wanted to work together and support one another.  None of us have ever done anything like this before.  We are just working parents with children and never got involved before and realized it was important to give parents their voice back,” said Johnson. 

As you may recall, parents and teachers came out overwhelmingly against mask mandates in the schools in Billings. The teachers union even voted against mandating masks. Here's photos from back in August when a last-minute rally was held to oppose mask mandates.

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