The Cook Political Report is now handicapping Montana's 2024 US Senate race as a "toss up" thanks to the strong campaign being mounted by Navy SEAL veteran and entrepreneur Tim Sheehy.

According to the Montana Television Network, Cook previously listed the race as "lean Democrat."

Cook said their initial rating was based largely on the possibility of a Republican primary that would divide the party and potentially lead to a weaker nominee to challenge Tester.

The Hill has more on the story here.

Speaking of Tim Sheehy, he was live on Fox & Friends over the weekend. He went after liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for failing to secure our border.

Tim Sheehy: We are a northern border state with a southern border problem. We're feeling it in our rural communities getting hollowed out by fentanyl and opioids. We're seeing it in our urban communities. We don't have very many big cities in Montana. Average size of our- quote unquote- big cities is 40 to 50,000 people. But for the first time, people are experiencing crime- catalytic converters getting stolen out of cars, shootings in our streets. Montana is Mayberry and people are wondering what's going on.

Sheehy also touted new polling showing him leading the field and defeating Tester.

Tim Sheehy: Montanans are independent, but they are socially conservative and they can see threats when they see them. And that's why in the last six years our state has gone from seven of eight statewide seats held by Democrats, to now eight of nine statewide seats held by Republicans. They are frustrated by the increasingly progressive policies that Jon Tester and Joe Biden have supported- wide open borders, anti energy, anti business, pro Iran, pro China. They feel that. They see it every day, and they're ready for a change.


Here's the full video of Sheehy on Fox & Friends over the weekend.


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