This grocery store location will fill a need for many Bozeman residents who have to travel a decent distance to get groceries.

Ferguson Farms has been one of the most exciting developments in Bozeman over the past several years. Ferguson Farms is a massive complex with restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, and more. The new development helped give options for locals to find a closer place to get lunch, dinner, and coffee.

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Restaurants like Tanglewood, Nordic Brewing, and the Sidewinders are a big part of the community west of Bozeman. One business that many residents of that area have demanded for years is a grocery store closer to their homes.

Their wish is about to come true.

The Bozeman Real Estate Group revealed Ferguson Farms' plans for Phase 2 of development. Ferguson Farm plans to develop 31 acres of land between the current Ferguson Farms location and South Ferguson Avenue.

Ferguson Farms via Facebook
Ferguson Farms via Facebook

This development includes new businesses, an apartment complex, and a new Town & Country Foods location.

According to the plans, Town & Country Foods has over four acres to build a brand-new grocery store. Town & Country Foods has three locations in Bozeman and stores in Belgrade, Lewistown, Billings, Livingston, and Dillon.

The rumor is that this new location will replace the 19th Avenue Town & Country Foods, but until this new store is built, we won't know. There is currently no date for when this new location will open.

Town & Country Foods
Town & Country Foods

Opening a grocery store that is beloved by locals in an area that is sorely overdue for a grocery store is a genius idea. The number of houses and apartments in the area will become immediate customers.

The closest grocery stores are Rosauers and the new Whole Foods. These stores have a reputation for being higher priced than most grocery stores in the area, and having a local icon like Town and Country Foods close by will be a relief.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Real Estate Group.

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