I did an interview with the New York Times about the US Senate race here in Montana. There were a couple main points that I shared.

One, Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is getting very desperate in his attacks on Navy SEAL veteran and Republican Senate candidate Tim Sheehy (R-MT). Two, we have quite the contrast here: Tester is a Washington, DC fat cat living high on the hog while everyday Montanans struggle with his inflation and open borders. Contrast that with a fresh faced Navy SEAL who built successful businesses employing fellow veterans here in Montana.

We talked about that and more when Tim Sheehy dropped by our Montana Talks and Cat Country radio studios. (Something Tester is too afraid to do)

Here's part of what we covered.

Aaron Flint: "They're throwing everything they got at you, and yet- it's only strengthening you, and now Jon Tester is forced to flip-flop on the Laken Reilly act and more. He's getting really desperate right now."

Tim Sheehy: "Well, I mean, it's hard to just hide from his own voting record. And what we're seeing nationwide I think is- is an awakening happening. We're seeing with Trump. They thought they could take Trump down in the courtroom. They thought they were going to destroy his business, prosecute him in the courtroom and remove a political adversary. And they've only made him stronger."

Sheehy is business partners with Montana rancher Turk Stovall in a feedlot in Shepherd, Montana. Turk says he is proud to support Tim for the Senate. They were off to the Bucking Horse Sale right after joining us on the radio.

Turk Stovall: A lot of real Montana farmers and ranchers want to meet him. They're pretty excited that he's running. And they're really excited that he's in the ranching business, because now he knows firsthand just what Montana farmers and ranchers face day after day and that this is tough business. And Tim is right there. And he's really wanting to give support and listen to these farmers and ranchers and what they need.

Full audio of our chat is in the podcast below.  


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