After relocation efforts failed and there were more signs of dangerous behavior, wildlife management specialists felt there were no other options.

Associated Press tells us that two black bears have been euthanized in separate incidents near Missoula this month, most recently this past weekend in the Rattlesnake area. Even though berries are starting to ripen so there is a natural food source more readily available, the temptations to score much tastier goodies may be too much for some bears.

A male black bear was killed over the weekend after it was able to enter several houses. He started getting more bold the past few weeks, including walking into a house and taking food off a table.

Imagine coming home from running errands, noticing your kitchen was in disarray, then seeing a male black bear watching you from another room. That's what happened to one woman, who told authorities that the bear was not aggressive toward her, letting her leave the house before leaving on its own.

A five-day search was conducted amid reports from other residents in the area about a bear walking into garages and not showing much fear. It also reportedly got rather close to a group of children on their bicycles.

Wildlife officials say the bear was not new to the area, but mainly kept to itself, staying in or near trees and eating berries. But his behavior changed a lot in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Montana FWP game wardens euthanized a black bear that had gotten into a house and ate cat food, and later did damage to the house trying to get back in.


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