The University of Montana sent out a ‘Timely Warning’ on Tuesday afternoon about a sexual assault that occurred on campus within the last several weeks.

According to the release, the incident occurred in an ‘on-campus residence hall room’, and the perpetrator was known to the victim.

The statement said that ‘regardless of relationship, consent must be informed, freely given and mutual. Each sexual act requires consent’.

The perpetrator is responsible for the sexual assault.

The University of Montana Police Department offers the following guidelines to increase personal safety:

‘Don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to do. Just “I don’t want to” is always a good enough reason.

‘Don’t assume you know what the other person wants, seek affirmative consent’.

‘Listen to your partner. If you are getting unclear messages, stop.’

Anyone who may require support as a survivor of sexual assault, violence, harassment or discrimination, please contact the Student Advocacy Resource Center at 406-243-6559, or visit this website.

For an escort on campus call 2777, off-campus call 243-2777.


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