Montana State University received multiple reports of sexual violence and sexual misconduct at fraternity social gatherings that occurred over Halloween weekend.

On Thursday, MSU sent out an email to advise students who planned to attend social gatherings that they should be mindful of their safety.

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The following information was included in the alert sent by Montana State University:

MSU Police and the MSU Office of Institutional Equity are seeking additional information concerning sexual assaults at any events over the past week. If you or anyone you know has information about these incidents, please contact MSU Police at 406-994-2121 or the Office of Institutional Equity at 406-992-2042. Reports can also be made to the OIE reporting form.

Individuals who have experienced sexual violence can learn more about their rights and available resources at Rights and Reporting.

The MSU Police Department is making this notice as a reminder to students that being drunk does not excuse sexual assault. Forcing sexual contact with another person without consent is against both the law and MSU policy. Someone who is passed out, unconscious, or incapacitated because of drugs or alcohol is unable to give consent, and sexual contact without consent is sexual assault. Rape is never the victim's fault.

MSU Police would like to remind you to never take an open drink from someone you do not know and to never leave your drink unattended. Additionally, always go out with friends, and when you do go out, look after each other. If you notice someone is intoxicated, stay with the intoxicated person and get them to a safe place. Trust your instincts and take care of one another.

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