Olivia Opre and her 9 year old daughter were driving past the public library in Columbia Falls, Montana on the 4th of July and they spotted an upside down American flag flying overhead.

What in the world is going on? Especially on Independence Day of all days.

I guess she could have snapped a photo of the upside down flag, complained about it on Facebook, and created a big controversy for the library staff to have to deal with on their day off. Instead, she jumped into action, figured out that the flag wasn't flying upside down intentionally, and did the right thing and made the fix herself.

Here's what this great American patriot (and sportswoman by the way) Olivia Opre shared in a Facebook post that ended up getting over 350,000 impressions on Facebook:

On July 4th my 9 year old and I drove past the library and I noticed the upside down flag!! Enraged at this site (especially on our nation’s Independence Day), I made a u-turn to find a way to make her fly proudly once again. Yelling at me, my daughter was vocalizing her concern that I’d “get in trouble” as I hopped atop the library wall and brought the flag down to turn her upright. I exclaimed that I didn’t care if I got in trouble and any police officer would likely support my efforts! To my relief, the eyelet had released from the snap so she was an easy fix. The stars and stripes flew proudly at our local library once again, and my daughter learned that there are times when we must make things right,… at any cost!

Great job Olivia! Looks like there were some pretty crazy comments on her Facebook post also:

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