If you haven't gotten a chance to see the great crew from the Veterans Meat Locker in action- now is your chance.

I knew Chris Grudzinski back when he was an Infantry Staff Sergeant and Squad Leader in the Montana Army National Guard. He was an incredible soldier serving his country back then, and he's continuing to step up and serve his country and his fellow veterans even after leaving "the service."

Grudzinski started the Veterans Meat Locker in Billings, and the program concept has since spread across the state. They get donations of meat from ranchers and hunters and then provide the meat free of charge to veterans all across the state. It ends up being an incredible grab bag of frozen meat with a mixture of Montana ranch-raised beef to wild game.

They also cover the processing fees and pick up the meat that is donated by hunters and ranchers across Montana. They've done several of these meat giveaways all across Montana.

What kind of meat are we talking about?

We're talking great Montana beef, elk, venison, bison, pork--you name it, and these guys practically have it in the bag of meat that they will hand you at one of their Veteran Meat Locker giveaways.

Where will the Veterans Meat Locker crew be in Billings?

The next meat giveaway will be April 2nd, 2022 in Billings.

- April 2nd, 2022
7215 Mossmain Lane Billings, MT 59106
- 1pm to 3pm
** Proof of Service is Required **
This will be a drive up and go meat giveaway for all Service Members and their families. We are honored to have Blake Fuhriman and his organization, Veterans Navigation Network, helping us with this giveaway and they will be onsite for any questions. We have loaded their sponsored bags with 12-15 pounds of frozen meat. We will also be having an indoor 3D Archery Fundraiser going on in the arena with silent auction items, raffles, games, and lunch provided by the awesome VFW Auxiliary Post 1634 for purchase at noon. Feel free to swing on in and check it out and support an amazing cause.

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