It's safe to say that Bozeman and the surrounding area is Bobcat Country. Things didn't go as planned on Saturday night at Headwaters Country Jam outside of Three Forks, Montana. Rain and lightning prompted organizers to evacuate the venue due to safety concerns shorty before country artist Craig Morgan was scheduled to take the stage.

Those in attendance were asked to return to the campground and seek shelter in their vehicles, RVs, and camp trailers to wait out the storm. Rain from the storm caused extensive damage to equipment on stage leaving Craig Morgan and his band no other option than to cancel their performance.

While fans in the crowd were bummed, they were still excited for Dustin Lynch to take the stage. After crews scrambled to get equipment on stage back up and running, Lynch finally walked out on stage around 11:00 p.m.

Despite the rain and evacuation, after the gate reopened, the crowd on Saturday night was without a doubt the largest of the entire festival. Dustin Lynch clearly came to party. He brought a cooler of beer out on the stage and handed them out to people in the front row. Lynch also pulled a couple of fans on stage during his performance. First, a girl from Twin Bridges, Montana was pulled up on stage to perform a song with Dustin. Towards the end of the show, Lynch commented on the fact that he was in Bobcat Country. Immediately, the crowd began chanting;

Eat *%#$ Grizzlies, Go Cats Go!

Lynch pulled a Bobcat fan up on stage, later identifed as "Bryce" to lead the crowd in the chant.

Watch the video below.

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